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NolaWiki is the contextual arm of, a collaborative, reliable, comprehensive look at the people, places, events and ideas of the city of New Orleans.

The wiki is based primarily on the reporting at, and The information in every article that appears there will be used to update the entries here. Likewise, the articles at will link into NolaWiki, giving readers a credible source of expanded information on any topic that interests them. It will be decidedly local - even in its infancy, it already contains entries on people and events not contained in similar projects elsewhere.

Unlike Wikipedia, NolaWiki is not open to editing from the public at this time. While open editing has allowed Wikipedia to become one of the most comprehensive sources of information on the Internet, it sacrifices reliability to do so. Thus, to ensure the credibility of the information that appears here, NolaWiki will only be edited in the short term by the staff of In the near future, we plan to give the community the ability to edit pages, but any public changes will be subject to confirmation by our journalists.

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