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Lincoln Beach is an abandoned beach and amusement park located at Lake Pontchartrain near the intersection of Hayne Boulevard and Paris Road.

Lincoln Beach was a racially segregated park that served African-Americans and operated from 1939 to 1964, serving as the segregation era's blacks-only alternative to the larger Pontchartrain Beach amusement park.

With the enactment of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the formerly whites-only Pontchartrain Beach became open to all races, and Lincoln Beach closed.

Redevelopment interest

Lincoln Beach is owned by the City of New Orleans, since the Levee District traded it to the city in 1980 for a piece of land at the end of Pontchartrain Boulevard, so the Non-Flood Protection Asset Management Authority of the Orleans Levee District must regain ownership of it in order to redevelop it.

In November 2016, the authority discussed trying to obtain the land so that it could begin work clearing it[1], and by April 2017, they said they had initiated conversations with the city about that process[2].


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