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Eric Johnson
Dr. Eric Johnson, a native New Orleanian who started a career in urban development as an aide to City Councilman Jim Singleton and has since worked in major cities around the country, is a candidate running for the District B seat of the New Orleans City Council.[1]


Personal Life and Career

Johnson was born and raised in New Orleans and attended Walter L. Cohen Sr. High School, where he was school vice president and a member of the basketball team. Growing up with a single mother, Johnson credits much of his success to community programs and institutions including Kingsley House, Holy Ghost Church (Now St. Catherine Drexel), the New Orleans Library System and the Loyola University of New Orleans Upward Bound Program.[2]

"Growing up as a product of a single mother in a challenging urban environment, his informative years were shaped in large part by the many cultural and civic treasures of New Orleans," his campaign website states.[3]

After high school, Johnson attended junior college in Florida on a basketball scholarship and enrolled in the US Army. While finishing his time serving for the Army National Guard, Johnson earned his Bachelor's of Arts Degree in Political Science and a minor in Criminal Justice from Washburn University. [4] He later attended Minnesota State University Mankato and received his Master’s Degree in Public Administration.

He earned his PhD in Urban Affairs and Public Policy at the University of Delaware. Banks is also an alumnus of the Harvard University Graduate School of Design and the Harvard JFK School of Government.[5]

"Johnson is President of Urban Regeneration Advisors (URA), an urban development advisory services firm dedicated to providing the public, private and non-profit sectors with the tools, knowledge and strategies necessary to develop and implement solutions to pressing urban economic and redevelopment issues," said his campaign website.

City Council Race 2017

Johnson announced he was running for City Council on Thursday April 20, 2017 at a private fundraiser event. He will be running against Timothy David Ray, Catherine Love, Jay Banks and Seth Bloom for the District B seat.[6]

Policy Positions

Crime | At a Delachaise neighborhood meeting on June 26, 2017[7] , Johnson addressed his stances on crime and said he believes crime cannot simply be a social issue and must involve every part of government to combat it. Johnson, who has consulted on development projects around the country, said criminals need to know there’s a “line” that cannot – and will not – be crossed.

Intermingling economic development and social programs will help combat crime, but taking responsibility for the violence is key too.

“We cannot socially police our way out of the situation in New Orleans,” Johnson said.

Budget |Keeping an eye on the budget – regardless of what the state will contribute – is another way to improve life around New Orleans, Johnson said. It’s up to citizens to take control of their city and craft an agenda that benefits old, new and future New Orleans citizens, he said.

“What that leaves us with is our city, our responsibility,” Johnson said.[8]

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